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Master's Program

Institute of Photonics Technologies Master’s Degree Programs


Article 1. Admission Requirements

i. All those who have earned a bachelor’s degree from public universities, registered private universities, independent colleges, or foreign universities that are recognized by the Ministry of Education, or who have been recognized by the Ministry of Education as possessing an equivalent educational qualification may enroll in the master’s degree program of this institute after passing the relevant admission examinations of this university
ii. Graduating students of public or private registered universities may enroll in the master’s degree program of this institute after passing the relevant admission examinations of this university.
iii. Students in a master’s degree program in other departments of this university may enroll in the master’s degree program of this institute after obtaining approval to transfer by this institute.

Article II. Duration of Study

The duration of study is from one to four years. However, students who have an approved full-time job may extend their study by one year.

Article III. Required Curriculum and Credits

i. Two semesters and Two units of department seminar from two semesters are required. This cannot be exempted.
ii. Four units of thesis are required.
iii. Three units of Photonics (I) and three units of Photonics (II) are required. Those who have studied and passed courses that are equivalent to Photonics I and Photonics II prior to joining the master’s degree program may apply for exemption from the director of the institute.
iv. Three units of Photonic Components and Measurements, a laboratory course, are required.
In addition to the above curriculum and units requirement, 13 units of a curriculum of courses that are approved by this institute must be completed. Of these, no more than two courses can be junior or senior level university courses. The 13 units may not include those earned from courses related to liberal arts or languages course units, and the courses must be approved by the student’s thesis advisor. For students who do not yet have a thesis advisor, the curriculum must be approved by the director of the institute.
If students can verify having completed graduate level courses with a grade of 70 or above before enrollment in the master’s degree program, and these units earned were not counted toward the minimum required for their former degree, they may apply for transfer of units for counting toward their master degree requirement. A maximum of 16 units may be transferred in this manner.

Article IV. Thesis Guidance

Within two weeks following the start of the first semester of study, entering master-degree students must find a research or thesis advisor. This advisor must be a full-time faculty member (full, associate, or assistant professor) of this institute. If the advisor sought is not a faculty member of this institute, a faculty member of this institute must agree to serve as a co-advisor. 

Article V. Thesis Exam

Conducted according to the “Master Degree Examination Regulations” of this school.

Article VI. These regulations and revisions have been effective following their approval by vote at a faculty meeting of the institute and are effective immediately.

(This is a translation of the Chinese version of the Institute of Photonics Technologies Doctoral Study Program. In the event of a discrepancy between this English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version will take precedence over this version.)


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