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Adv. Mat. Block copolymer自組裝奈米結構與光子晶體特性 (洪毓玨老師研究群)

本所洪毓玨老師與化工系何榮銘老師組成之研究團隊,研究block copolymer自組裝奈米結構與光子晶體特性,研究成果榮登Advanced Materials期刊封面。


Abstract: A simple method for the preparation of nanomaterials with new functionality by physical displacement of a network phase is suggested, giving a change in space group symmetry and hence properties. A double gyroid structure made by the self-assembly of block copolymers is used as a model system for the demonstration of shifting networks to achieve single gyroid-like scattering properties. Free-standing single gyroid-like network materials can be fabricated to give nanophotonic properties, similar to the photonic properties of a butterfly wing structure.

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