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恭賀 本所黃衍介教授團隊 榮登 2019年6月號光電領域頂尖期刊Optica

恭賀 清大光電所黃衍介教授團隊研究結果,榮登 2019年6月號光電領域頂尖期刊Optica.

國立清華大學電資學院 即將成立「兆赫光電特色領域研究中心」。

清大光電所吳明雄、蔡瑋哲、邱鈺中三位同學,將兆赫波留置於高度吸收的非線性光學晶體中共振放大,產生高達十萬瓦、頻寬介於千分之一到萬分之一的超高亮度遠紅外光雷射。此桌上型雷射的輻射亮度直追,甚至超過世界上許多國家型紅外自由電子雷射。這項研究成果已榮登在今年6月號之光電領域頂尖期刊Optica :

Ming-Hsiung Wu et al., “Generation of ~100-kW narrow-line far-infrared radiation from KTP off-axis THz parametric oscillator,” Optica 6 (6), 723 – 729 (2019)



The research result of NTHU TOP team, led by Prof. Yen-Chieh Huang, was published in the June 2019 issue of Optica.

THz Optics and Photonics (TOP) Center is being established under the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, recently. Extreme light is one of main research of the center. Recently, TOP team led by Prof. Yen-Chieh Huang successfully generated ultrahigh intensity far-infrared radiation through THz waves in KTP oscillators, and the related research result was published in the June 2019 issue of Optica journal. Compared with the bulky free electron lasers, the output intensity of the demonstrated table-top source is comparable or higher; thus, it opens up many possible new applications. For more details of the research, please follow the link below.

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