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郭祥和 同學 榮獲 2018中華民國物理年會 優良海報獎

郭祥和 同學 榮獲 2018中華民國物理年會 優良海報獎


Generation of octave-spanning intense supercontinuum from Yb:doped solid-state lasers
in multiple thin plates
Shiang-He Kuo1, Chih-Hsuan Lu1,2, Wei-Hsin Wu1,
Shang-Da Yang1, Ming-Chang Chen1, A. H. Kung 1,2
1Institute of Photonics Technologies, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academica Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* &
We successfully generated sub-carrier-cycle pulse by two-stage multiple plate continuum (MPC) technique driven by diode-pumped Yb solid-state laser system (1 kHz, 170 fs, 1 mJ , 1030 nm). To the best of knowledge, this is the shortest pulse width generated by 1 m laser-based nonlinear pulse compressor. The sub-cycle white-light laser pulses are attractive for isolated attosecond pulse generation and time-resolved spectroscopy.
In the first MPC stage consisting of four thin quartz plates, the spectrum ranged from 960 nm to 1100 nm, supporting a transform-limited (TL) duration of 28.7 fs. More than 66% input pulse energy was converted to the coherent beam of broadened bandwidth. By using a programmable Fourier pulse shaper made of a 4-f system and a spatial light modulator, we successfully compressed the pulse to 29.6 fs.
The nearly TL pulse from the first MPC stage was sent into the second MPC stage consisting of seven quartz plates for further spectral broadening. Octave-spanning-spectrum ranging from 580 nm to 1250 nm (at -20 dB intensity level) emerged and the spectral phase was compensated by a second Fourier pulse shaper. Polarization-gating cross-correlation frequency-resolved-optical-gating (PG-XFROG) measurement showed that the compressed pulse width (FWHM) is 3.1 fs, ~0.91 cycle of the carrier at 1030 nm wavelength.