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教授: 黃衍介 Y. C. Huang   

Name: Yen-Chieh Huang

學 歷: 美國史丹福大學電機博士 (Stanford)

網 站:

辦公室: 台達館856室, 高能光電實驗室 R301

實驗室: 高能光電實驗室

實驗室分機 : 62333

傳 真: +886-3-5162330

電 話: +886-3-5162331 (62340)







‧Honorary Visiting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK (2015/4~)



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‧Quasi-phase matching nonlinear optics 准相位匹配非線性光學 (波長可調雷射、非線性奈微光電元件)

‧Free-electron laser/ laser-driven particle acceleration 相對論光電子學 (自由電子雷射、雷射加速)

‧THz Photonics 兆赫波雷射


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‧PhD, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, USA (1991/01 - 1995/1)

‧MS, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, USA (1989/9 - 1991/ 1)

‧BS, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University, 國立中山大學電機工程學士, 台灣 (1983/09 - 1987/ 1)

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‧Visiting Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (2014/7-2015/2)

Visiting Scientist, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA (2014/6/5~2014/6/25)

Visiting Professor, Applied Physics Department, Stanford University, USA (2009/2- 2009/8)

Research Fellow, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center 國家同步輻射研究中心合聘研究員 (2007/2-2010/7)

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Tsinghua University清華大學電機工程學系副教授 (1999/8 - 2005/7)

Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Science, National Tsinghua University清華大學原子科學系副教授 (1997/2 - 1999/8)

Postdoctoral research affiliate, Applied Physics Department, Stanford University, USA (1995/01 - 1997/ 1)

Consulting scientist, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford University (1995/01 - 1995/12)


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‧Member, Phi Tau Phi Honorary Society 

2001 Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Award, Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering. (電機工程學會優秀青年電機工程師獎章)

2003 Traveling Lecturer Award to Egypt by International Commission for Optics (ICO)

Founding member and co-chair, Asia Advanced Accelerator Community.

2004 Outstanding Young Optical Engineer Award from the Optical Engineering Society of the Republic of China (光學工程學會青年光學工程獎章)

2005, NTHU Outstanding Teaching Award 國立清華大學傑出教學獎

2007, NTHU Outstanding Academic-Industry Collaboration Award 國立清華大學傑出產學合作獎

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著作及演說列表 (including invited/keynote talks)

A. Journal articles & book chapters:


1.F.H. Chao, C.H. Chen, Y.C. Huang, P.J. Chou, “Short-bunch Generation from an RF Photoinjector with Injection Phase Compensation,” Accepted for publication in Physical Review ST AB 18, 051301 (2015). 
2.Yen-Chieh Huang, Zhen Zhang, Chia-Hsiang Chen, Ming-Hsiung Wu, “Isolated Few-cycle Radiation from Chirped-pulse Compression of Superradiant Free-electron Laser,” Accepted for publication in Physical Review ST AB, Aug. 10, 2015. 
3.Yu-Chung Chiu, Yen-Chieh Huang, Chia-Hsiang Chen, “Parametric laser pulse shortening,” Opt. Letts. 39, 4792-4795 (2014). (Research Highlights, Nature Photonics, Vol. 8, October, 2014, p. 746)
4.R. Joel England, Robert J. Noble, Karl Bane, David Dowell, Cho-Kuen Ng, James E. Spencer, Sami Tantawi, Ziran Wu, Robert L. Byer, Edgar Peralta, Ken Soong, Chia-Ming Chang, Behnam Montazeri, Stephen J. Wolf, Benjamin Cowan, Jay Dawson, Wei Gai, Peter Hommelhoff, Yen-Chieh Huang, Chunguang Jing, Christopher McGuinness, Robert B. Palmer, James Rosenzweig, Gil Travish, Amit Mizrahi, Levi Schachter, Christopher Sears, Gregory R. Werner, Rodney B. Yoder, “Dielectric Laser Accelerator,” Review of Modern Physics 86, OCTOBER–DECEMBER 2014, pp. 1337-1389. (2012 IF = 44.982)
5.Tsong-Dong Wang, Yen-Chieh Huang, Ming-Yun Chuang, Yen-Hou Lin, Ching-Han Lee,1 Yen-Yin Lin, Fan-Yi Lin, and Galiya Kh. Kitaeva, “Long-range parametric amplification of THz wave with absorption loss exceeding parametric gain,” Optics Express 21 (2013) 2452-2462. 
6.Galiya Kh Kitaeva, S P Kovalev, I I Naumova, A N Tuchak, P V Yakunin, Y-C Huang, E D Mishina and A S Sigov, “Terahertz wave generation in PPLN crystals fabricated using two alternative techniques,” Laser Phys. Lett. 10 055404 (2013).
7.Chia-Hsiang Chen, Kuan-Yan Huang, Ming-Hsiung Wu, Tzu-Hsiang Chen, and Yen-Chieh Huang,  “Laser-excited terahertz-wave radiation from a thin wire,” Applied Physics Letters 102, 211102 (2013).
8.Qiang Hao and Yen-Chieh Huang, “Two-octave polarized supercontinuum generated from a Q-switched laser pumped doubly resonant parametric oscillator,” Optics Letters 38, 1863-5 (2013).
9.Gholamreza Shayeganrad, Yen-Chieh Huang, and Leila Mashhadi, “Tunable single and multiwavelength continuous-wave c-cut Nd:YVO4 laser,” Appl Phys B 108, (2012) 67–72.
10.C.-H. Chen, K.-Y. Huang, M.-H. Wu & Y.-C. Huang, “Photo-plasma-switched radiation antenna,” Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol. 26, Nos. 17–18, 2452–2458 (2012).

B. Recently Invited Talks/ Lectures in Conference/Workshop/ School (after 2-12)

1.Yen-Chieh Huang, “THz-optical structured particle accelerator,” 4th OCPA Topical Accelerator School & Workshop – Advanced Accelerator Concepts, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Aug. 4, 2015. 
2.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Far-IR free-electron laser and its applications,” Xiamen University, Xiamen, China, Jun. 19, 2015.
3.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Lithium Niobate – the Silicon of Laser Photonics,” Optics and Photonics in Sweden (OPS), invited talk, Gothenburg, Sweden, Nov. 11-12, 2014. 
4.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Lithium niobate – the Silicon of Laser Photonics,” Optoelectronics Research Center, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland, Sep. 29, 2014. 
5.Yen- Chieh Huang, “Building a Statup from university research – a Taiwanese experience,” Optopub, Photonics Sweden, Albanova Center, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Sep. 25, 2014. 
6.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Lithium niobate – the Silicon of Laser Photonics,” Department of Applied Physics, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Sep. 11, 2014. 
7.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Chirped-Pulse Superradiant FEL,” SLAC Theory Club, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Jun. 27, 2014. 
8.Yen-Chieh Huang, “future light sources driven by dielectric laser accelerator + THz particle acceleration,” Invited by Taira, Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan, April 21st, 2014.
9.Yen-Chieh Huang, “THz-X superradiant FEL,” Invited by Wang Dong, Shanghai Light Source, Shanghai, China, April 11, 2014.
10.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Future light source driven by dielectric laser accelerator,” International Conference on High Energy Density Science in 2014 Optics and Photonics Congress, invited talk, Yokohama, Japan, April 22-25, 2014. 
11.Yen-Chieh Huang, “chirped pulse superradiant free-electron laser,” 1st International Symposium on High-power Laser Science and Engineering, invited talk, Suzhou, China, March 16 to 19, 2014.
12.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Chirped Pulse Generation and Compression from Coherent Undulator Radiation”, 2014 PSROC, invited talk, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan, Jan. 21-23, 2014.
13.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Monolithic PPLN Bragg modulator and wavelength converter,” JSAP-OSA Joint Symposium, invited talk, Kyoto, Japan, Sep. 16-19, 2013.   
14.Yen-Chieh Huang, “Ultra-compact FEL,” The 3rd Overseas Chinese Physics Association Topical Accelerator School & Workshop —— FEL and its Applications, invited lecture, Dalian, China, Aug. 5-10, 2013.
15.Chia-Hsiang Chen, Tzu-Hsiang Chen, Kuan-Yan Huang, Ming-Hsiung Wu, and Yen-Chieh Huang, “Laser excited Radiation from a Thin Wire,” 2012 IR-MMW-THz Conference, invited talk, Wollongong, Australia, Sep. 23-28, 2012. 
16.Yen-Chieh Huang, “THz Generation from Nonlinear Optical Semi-Waveguide”, TERA2012, invited talk, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, June 20-22, 2012.
17.Yen-Chieh Huang, “THz Generation from Nonlinear Optical Semi-Waveguide”, Laser Optics 2012, invited talk, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 25-29, 2012.
18.Yen-Chieh Huang, Chia-Hsian Chen, Fu-Han Chao, Kuan-Yan Huang, “Miniaturizing XFEL,” Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of the Republic of China (PSROC), invited talk, Chiayi, Taiwan, Jan. 17-19, 2012.

Recent Service as Conference Chairs/Committee Members (after 2012)

1.Scientific Advisory Board Member, International Particle Accelerator Conference, Busan, Korea, May 8-13, 2016.  
2.General Chair, Optics and Photonics Taiwan, International Conference, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Dec. 4-6, 2015. 
3.Local Chair, the 4th Overseas Chinese Physics Association Topical Accelerator School & Workshop, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Aug., 2015. 
4.Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, 2015 International Particle Accelerator Conference, Richmond VA, USA, May 3-8, 2015.
5.Convener since 2012 - now, R&D for innovative accelerators, Asia Forum for Accelerators and Detectors (AFAD).
6.International Advisory Committee member, 2014 International Symposium on Physics and Applications of Laser Dynamics, NCTU, Sep. 3-5, 2014.
7.Co-Chair Russia-Taiwan Joint Symposium on Nonlinear Optics and Nonlinear Photonics, Vladimir/Suzdal, Russia, June 14-17, 2013.
8.Session Chair, the 37th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves, Wollongong, Australia, Sep. 23-28, 2012.
9.Co-Chair, International Workshop on Advances in Photonics and Optical Materials, Chennai, India, Feb. 9-11th, 2012.


C. Books:

‧近代實驗光學,東華書局出版, 2005 年二月.

D. Patents:












2003.10 - 2022.10


Use of quasi-phase-phase matching nonlinear crystals for laser
Q-switching and wavelength conversion




2004.06 - 2022.12


Quasi-phase-matching PDT/PDD laser sources




2004.02 - 2023.04


Laser wavelength conversion by using a monolithically cascaded QPM
single, fan-out nonlinear grating




2005.01 - 2023.04







2005.09 - 2023.11


Interferometric Oil-spill Detection System




2003.12 - 2022.11


Simultaneous wavelength conversion and amplitude modulation in a
monolithic QPM nonlinear optical cr


US 6,771,409 B2


2004.8 - 2021.11


A high-efficiency multiple-pass nonlinear optical frequency
converter with an electro-optic phase co


7,173,755 B2


2007.02 - 2024.12




I 232965


2005.05 - 2023.12


Optical Parametric Oscillator with Distributed-feedback Grating or
Distributed Bragg Reflector


6,904,066 B2


2005.06 - 2022.11






2003.05 - 2010.03

E. Other publication:

F. Invited/keynote talks:

‧Yen-Chieh Huang, “Parametric laser sideband generation and pulse compression,” invited talk, PSROC cE-01, 1/28-1/30, 2008, NCTU, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

‧Yen-Chieh Huang, “Photoinjector Technology for Driving, Loading Plasma-wave accelerators, and Generating Electron Superradiance,” invited lecture, 3rd Asia Summer School on Laser-plasma Acceleration and Radiation, 7/21-7/25, 2008, Advanced Photonics Research Institute, Gwangju, Korea.

‧Yen-Chieh Huang, “Superradiance FEL,” invited lecture, 4th Overseas Chinese Particle Accelerator Summer School, 9/1~9/10, 2008, Shihtou, Taiwan.

‧Yen-Chieh Huang, “TW, THz-pulse-train laser”, invited talk, 4th Asian Symposium of Intense Laser Science, 11/3~11/6, 2008, Advanced Photonics Research Institute, Gwangju, Korea.

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‧Co-Chair, 2nd ORION workshop, Feb. 18-20, 2003, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford, California.

‧Nonlinear Optics sub-committee member, CLEO- Pacific Rim, July 22-26, 2003.

‧Co-organizer, Asia Advanced Accelerator Technologies Satellite Meeting, 3rd Asia Particle Accelerator Conference, Gyeongju, Korea, March 22-26, 2004.

‧Program Committee member, ICFA Workshop on Laser-Beam Interactions and Laser Plasma Accelerators, National Taiwan University, December 12-16, 2005.

‧Technical Program Committee member, post-deadline-paper session chairman, session chairman 7B1 “emerging waveguide devices and applications”, the 11th Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference, National Sun Yat-Sen University, KuoHisung, Taiwan, July 3-7, 2006.

‧Co-Chair, NSC-RFBR Joint Symposium on Nonlinear Optics and Nonlinear Photonics, June 8-20, 2008, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

‧Program Committee member, Advanced Accelerator Concept Workshop, July 27-Aug. 2, 2008, Santa Cruz, California.

‧Curriculum committee member, Overseas Chinese Particle Accelerator Summer School, Sep. 1~Sep. 10,
2008, Shihtou, Taiwan.

‧Organizer, 4th Asia Summer School and International Symposium on
Laser-plasma Acceleration and Radiation, Aug. 23-29, 2009, NTHU/NSRRC/NTU,

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